Test Your System

How to TEST your Security System

Now you have a great security system – Protect your investment! Like any good product regular maintenance can insure your system is working correctly.
  • Test your system on a regular basis.
  • Industry standards recommend weekly testing of all devices.
Here is a way to test your components:

Step 1.

Set up a schedule (once a week, or once a month) to test each indicating zone (door sensors, motion detectors, glass-breakage, etc)
Call us first at 816-361-4357 (HELP) and give us your account number and let us know you would like to test your system.
Arm your system and cause the zone (example: 01 front door) to create an alarm.
Let your siren sound for about 20 seconds and then disarm the system.
Your keypad should now display an alarm condition. Note the zone you triggered (for example: 01 front door).
Now enter your code and off again one more time to clear the alarm condition displayed on the keypad.
Call us and make sure we received the signal. If not try again, if no signal is sent call us for service.
You just tested your door sensor, siren, control panel and back up battery.
Rotate around each month to a different zone.
You could go through and test each zone if you wanted, or you could do a different zone each week or month.


Step 2.

Insure your devices are clear of obstructions and clean and free of dust. Heavy dust layers can block the effectiveness of motion detectors.
Glass-breakage devices should not be blocked with drapes or furniture.
Doors with sensors should close properly and stay latched correctly.
Keypads can be cleaned with standard household cleaners.
Smoke detectors can be blown out to free them of dust with canned air that can be purchased from a local electronics shop.
If a low battery condition is displayed change batteries immediately to insure proper performance.


Step 3.

Keep your user codes up to date! If you have given a code for use to a contractor or someone who has access to your home and they no longer need it, you may want to consider changing codes. If needed we offer these services at our standard service rate!
Thank you and please call or contact us if you have questions!
The service team at Alert Of KC Security


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