Alert of KC Services – How do you know what’s right for you?

Good question, so let’s think this through. Have you recently moved or added on to your space? Depending on your space, your lifestyle and your own unique needs, we’ll evaluate your situation and offer up a plan that’s right for you. Alert of KC Security offers a full array of state-of-the art systems and components.
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Security and Fire Protection
Security systems can deter and prevent theft, vandalism and unauthorized entry to your property. Fire protection systems can safeguard property and life. For maximum effectiveness and protection, it is important to have professional, experienced guidance when selecting and installing security and fire protection systems.
At Alert of KC Security, we work to provide the best, most efficient security and fire protection solutions for each situation and for each customer’s goals.
We provide:
Security Systems
Fire Alarms
Access control
CCTV surveillance
Medical Alerts
Audio Systems
These systems are available for commercial and industrial buildings, storage facilities and residential homes in Kansas City. In addition to design and installation, we also provide 24 hour central station monitoring service and system maintenance.
Access Control
Access control systems can limit access to designated areas and monitor traffic into and out of these areas. The systems we offer range from simple devices for a few doors…to advanced, computer-controlled designs for buildings that require more complex security arrangements. The same systems used for door controls can also be used for vehicle entrance gates.
With access controls, you choose who enters perimeter doors, particular areas (such as restricted rooms, manufacturing and warehouse zones), and parking lots.
Central Station Monitoring
Our 24 hour monitoring service can protect you, your family, your property and your business from unlawful entry. It will also ensure prompt response to reduce the extent of damage caused by a fire and provide notification to appropriate personnel in the event of an environmental or medical emergency. Learn MORE.
Residential and Commercial Security Systems
Alert of KC protects your home and business from burglary and theft and helps keep your assets safe with out Do-It-Yourself Security Alarm Systems. Would you like us to install an alarm system for your Kansas City house or business? No problem. We offer a broad range of alarm systems and services to protect your property, and most importantly, the lives of your family, employees, clients and customers. We take the time to get to know you and your needs, and identify your security risks. Learn MORE.

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